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Eric Holloway Law Group, LLCExperienced Counsel to Resolve Your Legal Needs


Faced with the full force of government resources that could impact your entire professional career, family life or both?  Work with Attorney Holloway who knows the best way to prepare each case is to seek all evidence from the government and leverage court precedent.  When you want an individualized defense for your OVI-related charge, work with Attorney Holloway.


Typical Questions from Clients Facing a DUI/OVI/DWI Charge


1.  Do I need an attorney to represent me in Court?


Law enforcement has its own attorney in the courtroom for your OVI charge; you should, too.


Good litigators know that facts don't walk themselves into the courtroom for you.  You want an experienced DUI/OVI/DWI attorney in the courtroom who knows how to seek the facts from the government.  You want those facts to identify weaknesses - pressure points as I call them - in the government's case. When you know the pressure points, you might create reasons for the government to talk about


  • a reduced charge,
  • a joint recommendation on sentencing, or
  • a dismissal of the DUI related charges at times.


2.  My license was taken.  How can I drive legally?


When you were given that ticket, a stream of events began.  Typically, your driver's license was taken and suspened on the spot.  How can you get to drive again?  


An experienced OVI defense attorney knows how to seek to


  • end that suspension (also called an Administrative License Suspension or ALS),
  • stay the suspension (meaning, put it on hold for now), and,
  • how to seek limited driving privileges for you while your case is pending.


3. What can Attorney Holloway do for me?


Each case is different.  I promise thorough representation only, not a particular case result.  Still, some recent cases have ended as follows:


Pursuing the evidence, I create pressure points if the government fails to produce the evidence

  State of Ohio v. Confidential Client A: OVI charges reduced to physical control plea.  Government failed to produce evidence requested in discovery. I filed a motion to dismiss, leading the government to reduce the charge.


I review the evidence to identify pressure points

  State of Ohio v. Confidential Client B: OVI charges were dimissed following cross-examination of law enforcement officer by co-counsel.  Evidence obtained from the government included miniute by minute analysis of dash camera video that identified error after error by the arresting law enforcement officer during the field sobriety tests performed during the traffic stop.


I provide timely updates

 A recent client went through his third DUI charge.  At the end his case, he thanked me and noted that I contacted him more than his two prior DUI attorneys combined.  I know facing a DUI charge is scary, nerve wracking and stressful.  I help address those concerns in several ways:


  • I keep you up to date about each court event,
  • I tell you what next steps to expect,
  • I review the evidence with you, and,
  • I review any video evidence with you in great detail.


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