Fields of Law

Here you will find an overview of the fields of law our attorneys practice.

Our Practice Areas

Employment law

In the area of employment law, Attorney Holloway represents employees facing challenges at work.  Such challenges include FMLA issues; ADA issues; racial discrimination challenges; and more.  He helps workers navigate a discrimination through the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and Equal Opportunity Commission.  He represents workers in state and federal court on many employment issues.  He helps workers reach agreeable terms of separation with employer through either settlement agreements or severance agreements.


Civil Rights

Civil Rights covers claims in which the government or an employee of a government did not comply with a federally protected or state-law protected right.  Such claims include instances where a police officer used too much force when arresting a person; a landowner refuses to rent to an otherwise qualified tenant; or involve instances when an an employee contends an employer took a negative action against them at work in violation of either state or federal law.


Family Law

Facing a custody dispute?  Without question, some of the most emotionally-charged issues in all of law fall under the domain of family law.  Attorney Holloway can help. He has experience in handling post-decree disputes about custody and visitation.  He is ready to meet with you to discuss your issues and challenges.  


Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning

It is always best to be prepared and make sure your wills and trusts are set up correctly, so there is no confusion and all your wishes are carried out as planned.


Other Legal Fields

We will gladly represent you in cases regarding:

  •  Commercial litigation
  •  Employment law
  •  Personal injury law
  •  Estate planning and probate administration
  •  Class action lawsuits

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